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Get a Gift Box

Partner your custom ring with a love letter and special gift box your love one will truly appreciate.

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Handmade Jewelry

Each piece is 100% hand crafted by our master goldsmiths. A work of art from the melting of your precious metal of choice, to the setting of your gemstone. No shortcuts were used.

Your ring is unique and truly yours.

Why You'll love B&CO

Color that Lasts

Our vermeil rings are electroplated with a thick layer of 24k Gold (2.5 microns). Electroplating makes the bond between gold and silver stronger, making the ring more resistant to tarnishing.

As of today, B&CO is the only team that locally crafts vermeil jewelry in the Philippines.

Stones that Shine Like Diamonds

By default we use High Grade Signity Stones (High Grade Cubic Zirconia). These stones are brighter and more sparkly than most diamonds. They are amazingly white, equal to D color of diamonds and have exceptional clarity. They do not cloud over time.

Rings that are Comfortable to Wear

Our rings are domed at the inside, making it sit comfortably on your finger

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