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Submit Your Own Design!


At BCO Jewelry, we believe that true elegance comes from those personal, special touches. That's why we take great pride in offering you the chance to create your very own custom rings, designed exclusively for you to express your individuality and style.

To begin the journey of creating your dream ring, here is a simple guide to the specific information we need:

Carat Size

The carat size is the size of the main stone of the ring. Popular Engagement Ring carat size is 1ct.

Ring Width

The width of the ring indicates how slim or thick the band is on your finger. Popular ring width for engagement ring is 2mm, while for wedding rings it’s 3mm for bride’s ring and 4mm for groom’s ring.

Ring Size

B&CO uses US Ring Size. US Ring Size is standard in the Philippines. We highly recommend getting a US Ring Sizer to accurately measure your finger.

Sizes taken from Ruler, Tape Measure or piece of paper are 100% inaccurate

before you get started

Final Notes

  • Please note that we only customize RINGS for now.
  • We only allow maximum 2 designs per client, to avoid joy reservers/ bidders.
  • Price of a custom ring starts from P3500.
  • We have downpayment options for custom rings
  • Minimum lead time for an item we haven’t made before is 4 WEEKS / 1 MONTH
  • We only customize using 95% sterling Silver electroplated in 24k Gold. NOT PURE GOLD.
  • We have available birthstones for January to December.
  • We do not have DIAMONDS. We use high grade signity stones (cz)